If you’re a homeowner, then there’s a good chance you know that there’s more to it than just paying the mortgage. There are responsibilities and tips that every homeowner should know to maintain their property and get the most out of living in their house. This blog post shares five tips for homeowners to help you make your day-to-day life easier.

Recognize Signs of Problems in Your Home

One of the most important tips for homeowners is to find minor problems before they become major issues. Take some time to educate yourself about some of the most common problems that homes experience, especially if you’ve bought an older property or one that was unoccupied for a while. Being able to identify a possible problem, such as roof leaks early on, often saves you money in the long run.

Tips for Homeowners: Pay Attention to Your Energy Use

It takes money to run a home. Keep an eye on how much energy your house consumes and try to lower utility bills and reduce your carbon footprint. You’ll be surprised at how minor changes will impact your power bill, like adjusting your thermostat and investing in smart lighting that you control with an app on your phone.

Schedule an energy audit to see where you can make improvements. Several utility companies offer these inspections to evaluate the home’s energy efficiency. After an evaluation has been completed, the utility company will give you suggestions for improving the overall efficiency of your property.

Get to Know Your Neighbors

One of the essential steps in making your homeownership successful is getting to know your neighbors. After all, you may never know when you’ll need a kind neighbor to pick up the mail or water your plants if you’re away on vacation.

Establishing a friendly relationship with your neighbors also helps make the community safer. A neighborhood that looks out for each other is more likely to identify and report when there’s suspicious activity. Consider starting a community watch to make this official.

Fire Safety Tips For Homeowners

States have laws requiring smoke detectors in residential buildings, though the guidance varies regarding the number of smoke alarms needed and where they should be located in your home. Smoke detectors equipped with monitoring technology are even better since they’ll contact the fire department if a fire breaks out.

It’s a good idea to have an escape plan in place if you’re a homeowner. Every family member should know how to flee your residence swiftly and safely in the case of a fire. Make an exit strategy with multiple routes out of the home. Practice this with your family until everyone is confident about the escape plan.

Know How to Turn Off Your Water Valve in an Emergency

Homeowners should know where the water main shut-off valve is and learn how it works when you first move into your house. This way you won’t have to spend time figuring out how it works during an emergency.

Knowing where the shut-off valve is could make the difference between a wet floor and hundreds of dollars in repairs. Every home is different so the valve’s location will vary. Locate yours and while you’re at it, learn how to turn off your power and gas lines.

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